Ashford Clinical Providers


Ashford Clinical Providers Ltd is an organisation that represents all GPs in Ashford, Kent.

Its main purpose is to enable GPs to share the medical expertise and special facilities that exist within the group, for the benefit of all practices and their patients.

This includes offering more choice of primary care appointment days, times and locations, allowing patients the option of being seen at any GP practice in the group – not just their own.

  • What we do  >

    Ashford Clinical Providers enables all GP practices in the Ashford area to:

    • Provide an extended range of medical services to their patients, within a local setting
    • Manage their care budgets more cost-effectively by reducing the need for more expensive hospital referrals.

    If you are an Ashford GP wanting to refer your patients to any clinics or services listed in this directory, please contact the individual practices for details of how to do so.


  • More flexible appointments  >

    As part of a national push by the NHS, our family doctors offer an extended range of GP and other primary care appointments, for patients in the Ashford area.

    Choice of venues
    Patients can be seen at any GP Practices within the Ashford Clinical Providers’ group, not just their own – it is their choice.

    More choice of pre-book appointments
    This ‘go anywhere’ option, means patients also have more choice of pre-book appointments, including:

    • 8am to 8pm Weekdays
    • Weekends (both Saturdays and Sundays)
    • Bank holidays

    Any doctors/other health professionals seeing patients at alternative locations, (rather than the patient’s own surgery), will be able to see their full medical records, with the patient’s permission.

    How to book
    Patients can make these new appointments by contacting their own GP’s practice, who will also be able to answer any questions.

    Out of hours
    These appointments are NOT for out of hours care.

    Patients needing medical assistance when their own practice is closed, should continue to dial NHS 111 or in a life-saving emergency dial 999.

    Tell us what you think
    Patients can give feedback on these more flexible appointments by filling in the ‘Family and Friends Test Questionnaire’ when attending appointments, or by emailing the CCG patient experience team at

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